Jane Scarth House is a local charity opened in 1995, founded in memory of Romsey resident and mother of two, Jane Scarth, whose family to this day remain closely involved with the work of the charity.

The charity provides emotional and practical support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer. This can be the person living with cancer, or a family member, close friend, carer or partner.

Every donation helps Jane Scarth House provide these invaluable services. Here are some recent donations:

In Memoriam:

Jan Nicholson
We would like to thank all the family and friends who have made donations to Jane Scarth House in memory of Jan Nicholson. Jane Scarth House provided support to Jan and the family during her illness and your kindness gave her great support.
Mick Nicholson

Rhiannon Dykes
Thank you for the donations to Jane Scarth House made in memory of Rhiannon Dykes.
Matt Dykes

Karen Harris
Steve Harris would like to express his appreciation for all the donations made in Karen’s memory.

Thank you:

Inner Wheel of Roatary Club of Romsey Test for over £500 raised at their annual Quiz night by running a yes/no game and a raffle.

Andover Strut of the LAA for their donation of £100. (Grateful JSH client Gary Roberts gave a talk and waived his fee, resulting in the donation.)

Viewfinders Camera Club of Romsey for their donation.

Lockerley United Benefice for their donation.

Grove Place Little Shop for a further donation of £50.

Ken Wilde & The Christine Wilde Foundation for their donation of £500.