About Jane Scarth House

Jane Scarth House is a local charity that provides emotional and practical support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer.

This can be the person living with cancer, or a family member, close friend, carer or partner.

Jane Scarth House opened in 1995 and was founded in memory of Romsey resident and mother of two, Jane Scarth, whose family to this day remain closely involved with the work of the charity.

Jane Scarth House has assisted thousands of people and their families affected by cancer.

An Independent Charity

Romsey Cancer Support Centre was established as an independent charity, specifically to support Jane Scarth House.

We do not receive any government funding. Local fundraising support is essential to continue to provide these essential services to people in Romsey and the surrounding area.

Support For People Affected By Cancer

Jane Scarth House provides a range of expert professional and confidential services and therapies to help people affected by cancer: from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

We are a walk-in centre located just off The Hundred, in the middle of Romsey. It is important these services are available locally, at a difficult time for sufferers and their families.