When we moved into the new Jane Scarth House, coming up for 2 years ago, we didn’t expect to expand again in the near future.  However, numbers of clients at the new centre have grown quickly and we have seen a growing demand for group activities, which we simply don’t have space to run.

Since we moved out of the old JSH, at 39 The Hundred, it has been sold and the new owner has embarked on a major building project.  He has modernised it, built an extension, removed the stairs and split it into two completely separate units.  The building is now a self-contained shop downstairs and a first and second floor space, with its own access from the rear, upstairs.

When we saw the plans we realised that the first and second floor space gave us a unique opportunity to acquire extra space for JSH, right next door to the existing premises.  Although this was not something we had planned for, it felt like the right thing to do.  With space already tight in JSH, we want to ensure we can continue to deliver our services to everyone that wants to use them, on a timely basis.

We are delighted and excited to announce that we have leased the first and second floors of 39 The Hundred.

Wessex Lifts logoThe entrance to this new space is literally adjacent to the back door of Jane Scarth House.  We will be making it wheelchair-accessible by installing a lift.  Lifts are usually very, very expensive.  We are very grateful to Wessex Lifts (who just happen to be based in Romsey!) as they have very generously given us an affordable price to provide and install the lift.

The new space includes a huge room (the whole of the old 1st floor of the building) that is suitable for group activities, a light and airy extension for social cups of tea and coffee, and office space on the 2nd floor.  The office space is just as important as the group area, as we rely on volunteers for our admin and we haven’t really had any space for them to work onsite at Jane‘s or JSH.

The builders have not quite finished work yet, but the pictures give you an idea of what the space will be like.  They show the large room looking towards The Hundred and the social area looking towards the Aldi car park.

Unlike our previous move, this space is already suitable for us, so there is no major building work for us to undertake.  Apart from the lift, we will need to install a kitchen and also split the space with suitable doors.

Then we will be furnishing and equipping in the same style as JSH.  We hope to be up and running by late summer.