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Jane Scarth House - Celebrating 25 Years

‘Jane Scarth House provides a feeling for me of warmth, of being welcomed, accepted and valued.’

‘When Jane passed away in Sept 1994, we as family, relatives and friends were devastated but made the decision to set up the Jane Scarth Memorial Fund in order to support the various people and organisations that had helped Jane throughout her illness.

One of the charities that stood out was the Cancer Care Society providing emotional support to people and their families suffering from cancer.

Kim Fielder counselled Jane when she most needed it, so when Kim approached us and mentioned she had a wish to open a branch of the Cancer Care Society in Romsey we jumped at the prospect of helping her achieve her dream.

In 1995 the new Centre opened as part of the Cancer Care Society and we were honoured when Kim suggested the Centre should be called ‘Jane Scarth House’ in Jane’s memory.

Since then we as family, relatives and friends have continued to support the charity in every way possible.

Who’d have guessed the charity would be such a success 25 years on from those early days when we met with Kim.

Thank goodness for all the kindness, support, help and funding we’ve received from individuals, the community and businesses over the years in making the Centre so successful.

Now known as the Romsey Cancer Support Centre, Jane Scarth House and supported by Jane’s Charity Shop the Centre is growing in success. Newly refurbished, the Centre including The Loft is a testament to the hard work and generosity of everyone involved.

It’s very humbling when someone describes how the Centre has helped them through their own experience of cancer.

I’m extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved over the years and thank everyone for continuing to keep Kim’s dream and Jane’s memory alive.’

Phil Scarth, Trustee, Romsey Cancer Support Centre, Jane Scarth House

‘25 years is a very long time, yet it feels like yesterday that I met with a few friends to explore the possibility of opening a centre where people affected by cancer could access free counselling, information and complementary therapies.

I was overwhelmed by the generosity, commitment and encouragement given by so many people, businesses and professionals, including funds raised by the Jane Scarth Memorial Appeal, set up and driven by Jane’s family. It was in appreciation of their pledge of financial support that the Centre was named Jane Scarth House.

From day one, the therapists and staff have been supported by a team of volunteers working as befrienders, fundraisers and in administrative roles. It is through their loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm that the Centre is held in such high regard.

I never imagined 25 years ago that I would be celebrating a Jubilee Year! So this is my opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made this possible. For the wonderful celebrations and fun times, for your steadfastness through the challenging times.

You have all contributed to making my vision a reality which continues to thrive in the safe hands of Romsey Cancer Support Centre’s Trustees, staff and volunteers.’

Kim Fielder, Founder

1. Romsey resident Jane Scarth, in whose memory the charity was named

2. Kim Fielder with actor George Baker ‘Inspector Wexford’ at the opening in 1995.

‘Living in Romsey since the charity was created, I’ve always followed the progress of this special Romsey-based charity but it was only six years ago when there was the danger of closure that I came forward to ask if I could be involved in any way. And what a six years it’s been …. forming an independent charity, employing staff, recruiting volunteers for many different roles, fundraising, opening a new shop, moving Centre venues and then 2020!!

How does the charity make a difference …. because being able to be present for people whose lives have been affected by cancer – whether they are the patient, the family or the carer – is something very special and necessary for many. And to be able to do all we do without charging the client remains a guiding principle of the charity.

In turn this means the individual and community fundraising, making these services possible, is extra-special. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you everyone for all your support over the last 25 years.

Please do continue to tell people about us, our counsellors remain as busy as always and our team are at the end of the phone. If you, or someone you know, needs us – please phone 01794 830374.’

Bridget Brook, Chair of Trustees, Romsey Cancer Support Centre, Jane Scarth House

Photographs by Malcom Smith, Photoflair, Romsey, in October 2020.

Jane Scarth House Jubilee- Centre Managers past and present

Kim with current Jane Scarth House Centre Manager, Jackie Newman, looking at photos and records from over the last 25 years.


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