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About Jane Scarth House

Romsey Cancer Support Centre, with its centre at Jane Scarth House, is a local charity that provides emotional and practical support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer.

This can be the person living with cancer, or a family member, close friend, carer or partner.

The centre was founded by Kim Fielder, an oncology counsellor, who recognised the need for a place where cancer patients and their families could access free and local counselling, complementary therapies and information. With support from local people including the family of Jane Scarth, the Centre was opened in 1995. In recognition of the support given, and in Jane’s memory, it was named Jane Scarth House.

Jane Scarth House has assisted thousands of people and their families affected by cancer.


Jane's Story

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Jane Scarth holding baby

Phil and Jane Scarth were married in 1984, having met on holiday in Majorca, and made Romsey their home.  They had two daughters, Stacey and Lauren.


In 1993 Jane became unwell. The following year she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. 


During this time Jane reached a low point where despite everyone’s support and encouragement, she was finding it very difficult to cope with the emotional effects of having cancer. However, through the hospital, she heard of Kim Fielder and the Cancer Care Society.


Right from Jane’s first meeting with Kim, Jane felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. From that point she bravely fought her illness with renewed vigour and determination. This new-found determination also lifted and inspired everyone around her. Unfortunately, after a very brave battle, Jane passed away in September 1994.


Jane’s family and friends were determined that her memory should live on and set up the ‘Jane Scarth Memorial Fund’ which pledged to support the various good causes that had helped Jane during her illness including the Hamilton Farley Ward at the Royal South Hants Hospital, The British National Lymphoma Investigation and of course the Cancer Care Society - where the family learnt of Kim's wish to set up a care centre in Romsey.


Fundraising began with garden fetes at Dr Johnson’s, with the support of the Romsey Old Cadets and several well-known personalities, followed by memorial discos at the Crosfield Hall with support from local ‘DJ’ John Bevan and Peter Pod and the Peas. Everything from fashion street collections...and even sponsored diets raised enough funding to help Kim fulfil her dream of setting up the ‘Cancer Care Centre’ at 39 The Hundred.   Jane's family were delighted and honoured when the Cancer Care Society asked if the Centre could be named ‘Jane Scarth House’ in memory of Jane.


The memorial fund ran for almost four years after which it was agreed that it had probably raised more money than the team of fund-raisers could have ever hoped for.


Since then Jane's family have always been keen to be involved in the many fundraising events organised and continue to support Jane Scarth House in every way they can.  Both Jane's husband, Phil, and son-in-law, Adam, are Trustees of the Romsey Cancer Support Centre charity.

Opening Ceremony for Jane Scarth House

Our Charity for you

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Support for people affected by cancer

Jane Scarth House provides a range of expert professional and confidential services and therapies to help people affected by cancer: from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

An independent charity

Romsey Cancer Support Centre was established as an independent charity, specifically to support Jane Scarth House.

We are a walk-in centre located just off The Hundred, in the middle of Romsey.

It is important these services are available locally, at a difficult time for sufferers and their families.

All services are provided free of charge

We do not receive any government funding. Local fundraising support is essential to continue to provide these essential services to people in Romsey and the surrounding area.

What we offer

Coffee and Conversation
“Available for all who need support, counselling or pampering during the difficult time ... a lovely supportive haven..”
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