‘The staff are so caring and understanding. I shall be forever grateful. From the moment I first walked in, I felt here is a place I can be me’.

‘The counselling has helped give me the confidence to return to work.’

‘It was such a warm and nurturing environment; as always with your group I felt very cared for and supported.’

‘The volunteers are absolutely brilliant…. when you’ve finished your treatment you are out on your own and very frightened. Thanks to Jane Scarth I have found the support I so desperately needed.’

‘I have found Jane Scarth House to be a refuge, a friendly and warm place to come and be with understanding people.’

‘Every friendly smile, kind ear, massage or counselling session were so needed and much appreciated.’

‘I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.’

‘I was made to feel comfortable and at home.’

‘The counselling and therapies put me back on track.’

‘I have appreciated the counselling sessions very much – they have helped me get through this journey.’

‘Aromatherapy was offered and helped me cope both before and after a surgical procedure.’

‘The massage treatment has been such a treat and the kindness of Mandy has been fantastic – Thank you!’

‘A fantastic service, much underrated – I feel very fortunate to be able to take advantage.’

Getting cancer and going through treatment was terrifying … You are suddenly on your own with no one to help you physically and mentally. Without Jane Scarth House I don’t know what I would have done.

‘The Biggest Forever Thank you for all your love and support during my Butterfly Journey … from darkness to light. You are truly AMAZING!’

‘Jane Scarth House here for today, to give hope for tomorrow.’

‘All the wonderful people at Jane Scarth House who give so much to others.’

Two small words, one great big Thank You!’